The 2018 FIFA world cup is right around the corner!


The 2018 FIFA world cup is right around the corner!

Like most of you already knew, the next FIFA world cup will take place in Russia. During 1 month, the most 32 brilliant football national teams will play with one goal, lift the cup and become the pride of their nation. Every four years, fans around the globe stop breathing and start celebrating the most popular sport event on the planet.

For the first time since 2006 in Germany, the world cup returns in Europe.
To celebrate this major event, in collaboration with the FIFA, the Bank of Russia put into circulation commemorative coins especially created for the event for the happiness of numismatic lover.
2018 Russia 50 Roubles 1/4-oz Gold FIFA World Cup BU


The Saint Petersburg Mint chose to immortalize this event in Russia in producing in gorgeous gold this beautiful bullion coins. Only 100,000 will be produced, this gold coin displays on the obverse the relief image of the National Coat of Arms of the Russian Federation and on the reverse the famous image of the FIFA World cup with the inscription “ЧЕМПИОНАТ МИРА ПО ФУТБОЛУ FIFA 2018 В РОССИИ” (2018 World Football Cup in Russia). At 99% pure gold, this coin will be the symbol of the FIFA World Cup 2018 and the symbol of Russia.
2018 Russia 3 Roubles 1-oz Silver FIFA World Cup BU
The Saint Petersburg Mint produced the same coin in silver at 99% pure at only 300,000 copies.


To satisfy everyone and more especially the wider public, Russia launched 3 different sets of coins commemorating the trophy in gold plating, the host cities (Moscow, St Petersburg and Sochi) in silver and the official mascot in Platine.







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