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MS Vilnius International Coin Fair 2019 is a numismatic trade show of coins, medals, investment gold, banknotes, accessories, precious metals and decorations. It is the first international numismatic event of this scale held in the Baltic States. The goal of the event is to promote the best numismatic traditions in the region and encourage investments in precious metals and collectors’ commodities. We welcome beginners and professionals in numismatics, collectors, dealers as well as individuals looking for secure and reliable investments.

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Millenium State is an online and specialized marketplace in numismatics where auctions take place every day. Millenium State offers the greatest assortment of coins, medals, decorations and banknotes in one place and allows you to get in touch with other collectors at the press of a button. The marketplace offers complete security in your transactions and builds trust within the community of both investors and collectors. Although the main MS headquarters are located in Luxembourg, there is an additional office in Vilnius. The Millenium State team is prepared to provide you with the best experiences in the world of collecting!


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For two days, the MS Vilnius International Coin Fair space will become a professional platform where investors will share the secrets of financial investments in coins, precious metals, and will also explain how to build a successful portfolio of alternative investments.

Investments in precious metals and collectors’ commodities are currently actual topics in an uncertain global economy. Moreover, growing middle and upper-middle classes tend to hold their savings at home or in banks with extremely low interest rates. Traditional investment opportunities tend to involve more risks than benefits. Before making a decision to invest in collectors` commodities, there is a number of aspects that need to be considered when building a successful and profitable portfolio with a capacity for value growth.

The main obstacle for alternative investments is the lack of available professional literature on the topic, which is why there is a great need for such an event in the region. The Fair approaches the topic of investments in collectors’ commodities and precious metals in a comprehensible and accessible way, which is also appealing to the general public.

The event is expected to become an annual meeting platform for CEOs, CFOs, top managers, SME owners, venture capital funds, general investors, as well as for any individuals looking to find reliable dealers, secure their savings and maintain growth in value over the years.

The Fair provides a unique opportunity for new investors not only to get acquainted with the opinions of analysts recognized in the financial world, but also to become the owners of valuable coins straight away.

Some people will associate this event with their first acquisition of a gold coin, whilst for others it will be a natural step towards improving and exploring their investment opportunities further.






Discover something new

The MS Vilnius International Coin Fair serves as a platform for educating the public in the fields of numismatics, banknotes, medals, decorations, investment gold and collecting more generally.

Our aim is to maintain and expand the best traditions in numismatics and investments in collectors` commodities. In order to achieve that, we have invited experts, international speakers and dealers to share their experiences and passion for coins, banknotes, medals decorations, investment and collecting.

Since very little literature exists in the field, the event will encourage to spread the knowledge of numismatics and investment and facilitate its comprehension and systemization.

Various information sessions and discussions during the event will answer the following questions: how to appraise a collection; how to find а reliable dealer for an investment or appraisal; how to buy or sell gold and its market dynamics; how to create a professional portfolio with growing value among many others.

Join us and broaden your knowledge in collectors` commodities and investment!







Having a good time

MS Vilnius International Coin Fair aims to be a pleasant place for dealers, collectors and general investors. Apart from providing opportunities to find rare and special coins or make an investment in rare commodities, we strive to educate the general public in numismatics and create a platform for networking.

We are also excited to introduce you to some fascinating peculiarities of Vilnius, its wonderful old town, unique architecture and beautiful nature!




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MS Vilnius International Coin Fair is an event that unites numismatists and collectors of medals, banknotes and decorations from Northern, Eastern and Central Europe. The fair provides collectors with a unique opportunity to familiarize themselves with a rich selection of coins, medals, banknotes or decorations, as well as to learn what coins will look like in the near future and what the conceptually new conterfeit protection methods are.

The Fair has a wide thematic and historical range; fans of classics will be able to see and purchase true rarities - coins that were circulated during the times of Alexander the Great and Louis XIV, Catherine II and Alexander III, Nicholas II and the Sigismund dynasty, while fans of modern coins will be offered investment coins made of precious and non-precious metals, numismatic sets, euro coins, souvenir coins that could act as wonderful gifts for any family celebration or a special event.

Every guest of the MS Vilnius International Coin Fair will have the opportunity to try to win various prizes in competitions and lotteries as well as take part in open numismatic seminars and conference.

If collecting is your passion, the MS Vilnius International Coin Fair is the perfect destination for you!




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Opening registrations for dealers - MS Vilnius International Coin Fair 2019
 Coin dealers, be ready for the second edition!
MS Vilnius International Coin Fair 2018
 On the 17-18th of November Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, became a bit shinier, brighter and richer. Autumn sun apparently took the shape of a big golden coin and was warming up all visitors and exhibitors throughout the whole weekend of the MS VIlnius International Coin Fair.
Millenium State visiting trade shows
We are travelling and participating in many European trade shows this year. We already visited Sberatel collectors fair in Prague, Monety Expo in Warsaw, numismatic events in Dortmund and many others is waiting!
The International Coin Conference and Exhibition COINS will be held onNovember 2-3, 2018 in Moscow at the «Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel andBusiness Center». COINS is the only international forum dedicated to themonetary market, which is held in Russia.
The 2018 FIFA world cup is right around the corner!
To celebrate this major event, in collaboration with the FIFA, the Bank of Russia put into circulation commemorative coins especially created for the event for the happiness of numismatic lover.
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Radisson Blu provides exclusive hospitality - register for the event and get the best rates for your stay as you will receive a discount code once you have completed the registration.







1st DAY (16th of November)

8:00 AM - 10:00 AM

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10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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12:00 AM - 2:00 PM


2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Private Party - NETWORKING evening.
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2nd DAY (17th of November)

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

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10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

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