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16-17 Novembre 2019





News (IT)

MS Vilnius International Coin Fair 2018

On the 17-18th of November Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, became a bit shinier, brighter and richer. Autumn sun apparently took the shape of a big golden coin and was warming up all visitors and exhibitors throughout the whole weekend of the MS VIlnius International Coin Fair.

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Millenium State visiting European trade shows

We are travelling and participating in many European trade shows this year. We already visited Sberatel collectors fair in Prague, Monety Expo in Warsaw, numismatic events in Dortmund and many others is waiting!

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We are happy to invite you to MS Vilnius International Coin Fair

The MS Vilnius International Coin Fair 2018 is the first international numismatic event at this scope held in the Baltic States

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How to get your children or grandchildren involved in coin collecting and numismatics?

Sharing the hobby with your children might be not only an opportunity to get closer, but also to have some educational and enlightening time spent together.

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Investing in coins – new coins of 2018

Investing in coins is, more than the passion to collect rare items, a good financial investment because it’s a long-lasting measure anti-crisis. Indeed, coins can be rare and their value increase with time.

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Numismatics—acquiring old coins—outperforms other investments

Numismatists, who study the history and art of old money, see well-preserved coins as aesthetic masterpieces worth many times their face value.

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