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Investing in coins – new coins of 2018


Investing in coins – new coins of 2018
   Investing in coins is, more than the passion to collect rare items, a good financial investment because it’s a long-lasting measure anti-crisis. Indeed, coins can be rare and their value increase with time. The historic aspect is also very important, especially for classic coins. Coins value is linked to the age, the rarity and the metal amount. Moreover, this type of investment benefits from interesting fiscal rules according to countries.

   Today, let’s speak about modern coins. Some experts in numismatic field said that a coin is seen as modern if it is from after the World War 2. The Washington Quarter and the American Silver Eagle can be quoted as famous examples of modern coins. Nowadays, regarding the economic climate and the financial markets, it seems to be the good moment to build a modern coin portfolio. The value follows the gold and silver exchange rates but this is a secure investment thank to the rise of their value for years. Furthermore, their number are generally very limited so the value increase in consequence, sometimes very quickly so coins can exceed their facial value in  just few years. Commemorative coins are also famous for example the coins of the Olympic Games, National days etc. National mints produce each year new national coins in limited series, here are some examples of new coins of 2018:

Australia: the Opal Lunar Series – Year of the Dog 2018 - serie of 5 000 coins:

From Perth Mint
France: Centenary of the First World War end – 2€ Bleuet of France 2018 – serie 10 000 coins:

From Monnaie de Paris

Lithuania: commemorative coin of 2€ of the 100th Anniversary of the Restoration of Lithuania and other Baltic States:
Estonia and Latvia – serie of 1 000 000 coins:

From Lietuva mint
Germany: Federal State of Berlin – 2€ coin of Charlottenburg Palace – series for each german land - serie of 30 000 000 coins:

From Staatliche Münze Berlin

Finland: Sámi Culture Fountain 20€ coin for Sámi National Day, in honor of this community - serie of  4000 coins:

From Somen Rahapaja

Canada: 3€ coin of caribou - emblem of wildlife heritage, represents strength and resilience:

From Royal Canadian Mint
Poland: Lucky Seven 25$ coin – most populars symbols of luck : ladybuf, four-leaves clover, elephant,
lucky horseshoe, turtle, goldfish and bull – series of 250 coins:
From Mennika Polska 

Austria: Centenary of the founding of the Republic of Austria 2€ coin with the statue of Pallas Athena in Vienna:

From Münze Österreich

Italy: 70th Anniversary of the entry into force of the Italian Constitution 5€ coin – allegory of Italy holding the flag:

From Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato d’Italia

Czech Republic: Czech tennis legends – Jan Kodeš holding the Wimbledon Cup – He dedicated his life to sport and during twelve years 
he was a multiple champion of the republic - series of 500 coins:

From Česká mincovna

South Africa: Fifa World Cup coin - South African soccer symbols: the vuvuzela, national flag,
Zulu shield and soccer ball – series of 33 000 coins:

From South African Mint

Kazakhstan: Lunar year of the dog - series of 3000 coins:

From Kazakhstan Mint






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