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16-17th of NOVEMBER 2019

MS Vilnius International Coin Fair 2018



MS Vilnius International Coin Fair 2018 

Success for the first trade show in the Baltic States 


On the 17-18th of November Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, became a bit shinier, brighter and richer. Autumn sun apparently took the shape of a big golden coin and was warming up all visitors and exhibitors throughout the whole weekend of the MS VIlnius International Coin Fair.


Vilnius gathered tens of exhibitors who were representing the whole world from the United States across Europe to Japan. Visitors had an opportunity to explore small pieces of different epochs and regions. Along with golden coins, paper money from various corners all over the planet covered the tables. Nevertheless, Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian and Polish currencies were in especially high demand since a half of exhibitors came from those countries. World-known grading services, such as NGC and PCGS also contributed to creating a proper numismatic ambiance.


The Fair was held at Radisson BLU Hotel in the very center of Vilnius. These two days undoubtedly left great memories both of charming lithuanian capital and of the event itself. The rich diversity of items available for collectors, the chance to explore the world of trading coins, banknotes and medals, possibilities for business on a larger scale and even friendship contacts to be signed with many of our guests meant there definitely was something for more than 500 visitors.


Indeed, there was a lot of entertainment with many surprises and gifts provided by the team of online-auctions platform Millenium State who organized the trade show. One of the most fascinating surprises was the giant bullion of fine gold. Just one bite was enough to reveal the hypnotizing mystery (what is gold in some measure loved for) hidden by golden powder, uncovering chocolate and fruits surrounded by soft biscuit plasts. This extraordinary cake celebrated the inauguration of Millenium State and its ambitions for the future business.


However, features of the event do not stop here. The end of the first day gave exhibitors a chance to relax at the Sky Bar on the 22nd floor of Radisson BLU. Admiring the wine and enjoying the breathtaking view of Vilnius at night, dealers could engage in conversations, make business decisions or just delight in the charming atmosphere of the event. The whole evening where both drinks and food were served was sponsored by Millenium State.


On the second day LIVE-auction took place. Despite of the fact that the auction was being held online, everybody had a chance to observe live stream on a wide screen and even take part in the auction right from the exhibition hall with the equipment provided by the organizers.


We are extremely excited about the incredible success of the trade show. MS VIlnius International Coin Fair managed to be the biggest and the brightest numismatic event in Baltics and, what is more, in the whole region of Eastern Europe! We hope you enjoyed this weekend as much as we did! Of course, next year we will try to make it even more significant, more blissful and more fascinating. And we are quite sure that with your help it will not be hard to do. We are always open for any of your ideas and suggestion.


Lots of thanks to all of those who were a part of this brilliant celebration and cannot wait to see you in 2019!


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